• Full of moving and sometime disturbing accounts of communication with the spirit world. This book describes Angela’s work on bringing peace to souls that have left this world in violent or sudden ways. Author: Angela McGhee
  • If you love angels, love reading about other peoples’ experiences with them, and would like to know how to have better communication with yours, Angels Please Hear Me is the book you need. Author: Jenny Smedley
  • Blacksmith Gods is a unique compendium of fascinating facts, fantasy and mystery relating to that universal archetype, the blacksmith. Author: Pete Jennings
  • True Tales of Real Life Angelic Encounters. Author: Jacky Newcomb
  • As you read the accounts within these pages, you will laugh, cry, and nod with empathy and understanding. The subject matter is diverse (relationships, work, finance, health, and more); and the outpouring of emotion is genuine and very personal. Author: Louise L. Hay and Friends
  • Do you wonder whether there are angels around you, who they are, and what they look like? In this inspiring work—which is a compilation of the best of Doreen Virtue’s books Angel Visions and Angel Visions II, plus all-new material—you’ll read uplifting, true stories by ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences. Author: Doreen Virtue
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    The Crystal Bible Volume 2 provides an essential companion reference to the original bible, fully describing the properties of over 200 crystals not found in volume 1. Author: Judy Hall
  • The Karma Sutra, a relationship-changing (and life-transforming) book, will awaken hope and help you take control of your love life. Author: Shelly Wu
  • This is the tale of a group of unlikely allies who join forces across time and space to confront a powerful adversary. Author: Helen Ottley
  • This book portrays how the authors experienced and perceived their spiritual life. It is based on their true story. Author: Dalene Bruwer Co-authors:  Mario Jansen & Maddy Kriel
  • In this book, you’ll hear about how Dave developed the “just do it” philosophy that made him the ideal man to take on a big corporation, what it felt like to be in the center of the media frenzy, and how he’s taken his talents and become a sought-after songwriter and public speaker. And business people will learn how companies should change their policies and address social-media uprisings. Author: Dave Carroll
  • A fictional story about a young woman who lands up in a coma. Whilst in the coma she visits another world where she starts to understand her own awakening sexuality and her illness Author: Gill James